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Lecture 2

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC 1000: Topic#1 Ideology & History 1. Ways of Seeing 2. Defining Ideology 3. The Left/Right ideological Spectrum 4. The Liberal Debate 5. Conservative Revival? 6. Strands of Socialism 7. Increasing Complexity 8. Mythistory, Columbus & The War Against The Indians (McNeill, Zinn & Rasky) The capacity of our environment to provide space, food and energy is all limited. Humans strive in less than 17% of the earth’s surface. Only about 4% will grow crops. This fact is about the core of our problems. 0-1500 A.D.: The population stayed roughly the same 1500-293: The population started to increase rapidly 1800s: population grew fast 1900s: population grew extremely fast By slowing the population growth & resources we can preserve the Earth Around 1830: our population reached 1 billion people. In Europe, the agricultural revolution took place The industrial revolution is the time when Mother Earth’s heart starts to race. 1830-1930: the population became two billion Mid 1970s: the population became 4 billion 2000: the population became 6 billion 2013: the population is around 7.2 billion 1960: Daniel Bell passed away. He is one of the 3 most important sociologists In America. He wrote a book called ‘the end of ideology”. 1960: The Cold war. USA vs. USSR (they were rivals in the ww2 but become enemies after this) The Soviets claimed to have discovered how society and history works. They also claimed how the futures will be prosperous due to this knowledge. The USA positions itself as the “free world” The USSR positions itself as the “communist world” In the aftermath of WW2, it becomes unfashionable about Plato, etc. It becomes fashionable to study more “natural scientific” things There weren’t departments of political science or economics, there was a department of political economics Until 1968, politicalists and economists published their works in the Canadian book of economics & political science The book split in 2 after such as the book of economics & the book of political science In the end, Bell wrote we know the answers to all t
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