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Lecture 4

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Social Science
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Terry Conlin

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2. Tradition & Modernity 1. Conclude History & Ideology 2. The readings (and Films) In Context 3. Traditional (Hierarchial0 Society 4. Modern (Mass) Society 5. The Great Transformation 6. Liberalism & Modernity Versus The “Paternalist Model” 7. James Burke: The Factory & Marketplace Revolution Governments should do as little as possible and let private investors create more jobs with less taxation (this is the right side of the political spectrum) The left side is against socialism. It is legitimate for the government to tax. It is legitimate to make the workplace safe and protect the environment. Government intervention is desirable. Classical Conservatism of Ideology: was the dominant ideology of the western world prior to the industrial revolution. Eventually a recognizable counter ideology will develop: classical liberalism. th By the early 19 century, classical liberalism has replaced classical conservatism as the dominant ideology Contemporary liberalism (reformed liberalism according to TERRY) - it challenges classical liberalism th 17-19 century: child labour was evident during these times (Charles Dickens & Oliver Twist, were upcoming authors who outlined these themes in their novels) A new ideological voice was challenged by Karl Marx; this ideology was known as socialism. The debate between classical and conservative liberals is the difference between these 4 aspects: Classical Liberalism Contemporary (Classical???) Conservatism (Reformed Liberals) Personal Freedom Is about freedom from, the Personal freedom is a positive absence of coercion, the primary liberty; it is not freedom from source of corrosive power but freedom to. Citizens should resides from the government, be free to develop to their fullest the government must be potential. The government restrained so individuals can get should have a role to play that on with their lives, individuals citizens achieve this potential. should be left alone to choose their own rules of conduct Government has the power to level the playing field. Student loans are not okay here It is a positive right. This aspect is more important to them than the classical liberals. Student loans are okay here. Limited Government Government activity They are concerned about outcomes as well as procedures 1)It is legitimate for the government to provide an armed force, the means necessary to provide citizens from external threat 2)It is legitimate for the government to provide a police source to protect citizen from each other 3) It is legitimate for the government to provide a series of court to administer and uphold the law, to force us and compel us to live up to contracts that we enter into with them. Equality of Right Believe life is one big “Equality of Opportunity” competitive game and the rules should be the same for all the players (citizens) They should all be subject to the same rules; equality of right There should be no special privileges for no one The same set of rules for all citizens Procedural fairness Consent of the Governed Property: citizens are property The governed is much larger in owners (they have a stake in the “we the people” well-being of the population) Governed is larger, reducing property requirements. The government needs these people’s consent. “We the people” is a relevantly small group of people 1776: The American revolution (John Locke, Tom Paine)
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