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_Lecture 5

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

The great transformation is about the change from traditional society to modern society. Bell sees the great transformation as the development of mass production, the buying on credit, emphasis on invocation of transportation and communication. He sees how modernity has the tendency & the ability for people to become more alike. To break tradition with ideals such as youth culture and romantic love is Bell’s. Disembedded, Self-regulating free market economy leads to modernity The economy becomes a separate entity, disembedded from society. Labour become a commodity, where things are bought and sold in economy. Children become factors of production, which are bought and paid for by capitalist who want to maximize their wealth. This is very different from traditional society. Liberalism & Modernity Versus The “Paternalist Model” E.P Thompson argues during this transition there was Aristrocracy: tory radicals and compassionate traditionalist, for most liberals this is an oxymoron. (Thompson refers to these as the paternalist model) T
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