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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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York University
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Terry Conlin

Capitalism and Alienation goes together the lower classupper class are alienated says RhinehardAlienation is derived by 3 sources 1 The concentration of the means of production in fewer and fewer hands In capitalism the big fish eat the little fish Fewer people should own the stores factories etc This means more people sell their labour in cheap wages to make a living2 Division of labour in capitalism this results in alienated labour3 The development of markets in land labour and commodities Under capitalism we are all a part of a labour market Human beings become commodities we are bought and sold There are 4 manifestations of alienation according to RhinehardSelf Under capitalism we are alienated from our self We are working for instrumental purposes we are following not doing anything creative in the environmentOthers We are alienated from others We are in constant competition against others during work Product We are alienated from the product we produceProcess We are alienated from the process in which that product is made We give up control over this processPeople mostly in Canada identify themselves as middle class It is very difficult to identify yourself as another classYou dont choose your class it is stratified as long as there has been society according to Rhineha
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