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Ideology and History

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Ideology and History: Ways of Seeing: Saigon (University of Manitoba) : Dominant Ideology becomes the main point Cold War: Had impact on ideology Professor Bell: 1960: End of Ideology Common Sense Era Now The Communists were still prone to ideologies but not the free world according to Bell Behaviourism: in the West in response to historical materialism. 1990: Fortune Magazine: "We are at the endpoint of mankind's ideological battle" There is a right way to do things. Governments balancing budgets. Individuals should be self sufficient. Equity programs are reverse discrimination. "Common Sense Revolution" 1995 12th state: Minnesota legalizes same sex marriage. Several court rulings over prostitution. Government debt, deficits. These issues are anything besides common sense. Ideology is ALIVE and WELL. Aristotle developed typology. First system of classification. We live in a polity, not a democracy. Not interested in the greater good. ONLY on re-election. When Canada was created, less than 3% eligible to be part of the senate. Political can be federal or unitary. Unitary: only one government that is sovereign. Federal: sovereignty is divided between levels of government. Federal, Provincial and Municipal. Between at least 2 forms of government. Parliamentary or presidential federal and unitary. Canada was the first country that was federal parliamentary. 1867 Parliamentary unitary can be seen in the UK. Federal presidential can be seen in the USA. Federalism is born in the USA. Federalism was prac
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