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Tradition and Modernity

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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Traditional (Hierarchical Society): • A child labourer is real today as much as it was back then • "She should be killed". Damage has been done to the honour of her family • Greek village can be used as the model • The extended family is the basic unity of society in traditional society • The family is the welfare state. In return for strong obligations. • Needs of the family over the needs of the individual • Obligations to your family never cease • Them are not be trusted. No obligations to them. "US" vs. "THEM" • Hostility to members of society outside your family, solidarity to your family. • Prestige and respect are highly valued. • The well being of the family depends on the prestige. • Prestige is the currency. • Your task is to increase the prestige of your family. • Your prestige is your family's prestige. • Expected to marry and have sons. • Link your family through marriage to families with higher prestige. Arranged marriages. • Old people are considered wise. Young people are foolish. • Marriage is far too important to b left to romance. • Usually the family of the bride pays the dowry. • High as possible for bridegroom's family • Wife's are often viewed with suspicion. In a dispute, the son will side with his family. • Family is the source of social services. • Problems are dealt with secrecy and within the family. • Loans and pensions are the jurisdiction of the family. • Crime is to the dealt with two f
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