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Work and Class

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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Work and Class: Definition of work is subject to discussion. Rinehart: work discriminates humans from all mankind. Work has a profound impact on those that perform it. Many more attempts to define work. Russel: there are only 2 kinds of work The first kind of work consists of the altering of position of matter. The second kind of work consists of telling others to do stuff. The first type of work has 3 primary characteristics. Unpleasant, poorly paid and dangerous. The second type of work tends to be pleasant, well paid and safe. Adam Smith: work is an activity requiring the workers to give up his tranquility, his freedom and his happiness in order to live. Neils Anderson: work is the continuous employment in the production of goods and services for remuneration. work= work for pay. Rinehart: work is any activity that entails the provision of goods and services for others. recognizes the importance of unpaid work. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: Book 1: Stratification Chapter 1: Of the division of labour Pin Factory: important because it unlocks the productivity of labour. A skilled pin maker makes about 1-20 pins a day. Breaking up the labour allows 10 people to make up to 48,000 pins a day. Book 2: Consequenc
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