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Lecture 19

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

8. Race, Ethnicity & Aboriginal Policy 1. Skin Deep: The Science of Race 2. The War Against The Indians 3. Summer Vacation 1999 4. Re-Confederation Relations 5. Administered Dependence 1867-1967 6. Individual Rights & Collective Rights 1968-1979 7. Constitutional Change 1980-1982 8. Courts: post 1990 9. Self government & land claims 10. Brooks 7 Miljan (Flanagan / cairns Phillippe Kushton -> race, evolution and behaviour Richard Lewotin -> Biology as ideology Dee Brown -> Bury my heart at wounded knee Harold Cardinal -> The unjust society John Milloy -> A national crime Ward Churchill -> Kill the Indian, Save the Man Video 2. • They moved the Indians to the Reserves, so that the Europeans can take over and move westwards • During the last Indian war, 187 Indians were massacred • The 20 century was the time they tried to wash out the Indians, The Europeans were seen as superior. • Natives hates these institutions as their identity was lost with uniforms, code numbers as names, were physically & sexually abused, put in residential schools. • When the Europeans came, their freedom ended, with the banning of certain customs. • 1949: Indians were given status as citizens in British Columbia • 1960: citizens of the country • 1983: The Supreme Court of Canada said that the underlying principle of status in Canada belongs to Indians • Elijah Harper: people and fathers of the Indians signed treaties to sh
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