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Lecture 14

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Terry Conlin

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The Making of Modern Motherhood: Ideologies and practices of ‘Good’ Motherhood From The 1800s To The Present 1) Mothering Versus Motherhood 2) The invention of Motherhood: From Agriculture to Urbanization 3) WW2 and Beyond: The Privatization of Motherhood as Full-Time Mothering 4) 1990s and Beyond: Intensive Mothering: Emerging from Neo-Liberalism and as a Backlash to Feminism Dr. Andrea O’Reilly Professor, School of Women’s Studies, Director, Motherhood Initiative. [email protected] • A mother’s first priority should be her children • Mothers are a child’s first teachers • Mothers in the media are portrayed as heterosexual, married, white, without disability (able-bodied) and urban, middleclass. • A good mother isn’t too young or too old (28-35) • Rich called motherhood an institution. She thinks motherhood is oppressive to women because it causes them to be selfless, etc. • However she thinks mothering can be changed • Mothering means raising children. Motherhood is the institution that tells them how to do it. • Motherhood as a cultural institution that is oppressive has changed throughout history, it is continually redefined. • Motherhood (institution) is redefined or transformed as a response of significant economic, social, cultural, change upheaval. o The industrial revolution changes motherhood (18 century)  Mothers didn’t waste their time on children  She would be harvesting vegetables, making clothes, cooking, gardens, looking after livestock, etc.  This work wasn’t paid work.  She would probably have 8-14 children and a large number of them wouldn’t su
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