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Lecture 18

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

th March 20 – essays & study questions rd April 3 – exam 4. Voisey Bay was discovered in 1993 • In 1997, $1.70 a pound for nickel. Prices go higher [Inkas] • 1999 they refused to continue the project as it was harmful to their homelands. $3.30 a pound, nickel price recovers • 2004 an agreement is made for job guarantees, consultations on environmental impacts • 2005 production starts at Voisey Bay, 2006 Valet Inko purchased Inko, $9.48/16 sky rocketing prices • $4.80/lb in 2010, 2011 Valet Inko started the construction of a smaller, guaranteeing jobs, still not complete building • The topic of the environment and threat to environment started in 1962 with the start of mercury leaks and indigenous people. • 1972: UN holds first ever conference on the human environment – here they realised there is a real present threat to the global environment • 1980s: hole in the ozone layers, India, Alaska, nuclear disaster in the soviet union, warmest summers on record, scientists are talking about global warming, climate change, etc. • 1987: UN establishes World Commission on Environment and Development • Our common future is a report that contains “sustainable development” • Late 1980s: this competition seems to end in the capitalist world • 1945-1990: competition for the developing world, communist model, capitalist model, free world market like the US • Threats to the global environment 1) loss of habitat. Deforestation, desertification, urban sprawl. 2) increase in toxification of our air and water, & land. At alarming rates. 3) The burning of fossil fuels and the impact of the burning of fossil fuels on the global atmosphere. 4) Overpopulation. • We are greedy creatures according to Thomas Hobbes, never enough • Developing worlds approach a capitalist approach compared to other economies • People must adjust to the names of sustainable development, increasing costs to make up for loss of jobs, jobs dislocation, increased taxes • 1988 the reports states we are prepared to pay for our damages. • In 2008, the economy was in a rough shape globally. • There has been an increasing opposition to sustainable development mounted by the ideological right and the belief that science and technology will eventually will save us from ourselves, etc. • Stefan Dion became the leader of the liberal party and became bolder. • Sustainable development: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. • The report insists on the need to integrate our conceptions of environment and economy. • The commission insists on the essential harmony of nature and people, nature is friendly • In the liberal ideology, nature is not friendly, it is hostility, it is something to be subdued and conquered. • The commission stresses equity between and in-between generations. “The world is not inherited from our parents, it is borrowed from our grandchildren” • Bruntwood believes we have private gain in exchange for public expense. • Environmentalism has grown phenom
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