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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Culture & Crime Slide 4 1. It was really popular in the late 1980s, early 1990s, cops was one of the first shows. They are very cost effective in a production because they are cheap, 200 000 vs. millions of dollars per episode. 2. a) as police officers go about with cameras during their jobs. b) shows that tell a story about a particular incidents such as homicide and involves sensational elements such as America’s most wanted. 3. a) suspicious activity. It may involve the police simply going to a neighbourhood where they know there’s a higher likelihood of drugs being sold. b) They engage in certain actions in order to address these actions c) the disorder is resolved by the end of the episode d) some kind of message about crime, policing and criminal justice that the viewer can resonate with. 4. a) crime being a concern, violent crimes becoming common, and cities being dangerous places b) police as the representatives of law, common values, norms, morals, police are the line between order and disorder c) many of these stories involve statements bout offenders and thse statements involve the morality of the offenders. These individuals are morally impoverish and different from the rest of us the idea of dehumanization. Race comes into play here. In comparison to violent and non violent episodes, violent episodes involve non whites and vice versa. Neighbourhoods that are not dangerous are white and vice versa. Portrayals of junkies and
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