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York University
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Terry Conlin

Nov 28.2013 Labour and Globalization 1. PWC--- post war compromise, • Collective bargaining law will expand among public work place and private • Increase in work place democracy , era of stability in labour management • Post war compromise will forbid wild cat strikes during the life of collective agreement , employers are given some sort of security • Will result in economic and social mobility for the working class • 1 A rubber worker with less than grade 8 will be able to send kids to university and have a stay at home wife . • 2nd priority will be high and stable , high rates of employment . full employment is the goal. People will have the chance to own their own home • expanded mass production and mass consumption -- • 3 social policy --- welfare and social citizenship . • welfare will create new public services , public sector increase , new kinds of employment regulated under • social safety net – old age security , unemployment insurance 2. KWS--- Keynesian welfare state st • 1 Investment evolves it will remain in private hands – there is no socialization of investment • Except in times of economic down turns when government has to intervene nd • 2 full employment policy • 3 social safety net – the social wage in other words. A source of income that does not come from employment • it will make workers more militant and confidence to tell their employers OFF. • Government spending was approximately 5 % , eventually it increased to 30% in 1990 and by 2011 it was 39 % -- spending on health , education and welfare • 4 right for labor – introduction of collective bargaining . dramatic increase in the level of unionized workers • unions were leading the way 3. BWA----Bertton woods agreement • there was a desire to create a global Keynesianism • there were 4 development • 1 creation of international monitor found --- provide short term loans to countries which will increase international demand • 2 world bank – international institution that provides long term loan to fix the economies of the countries in need during world wars . • post war period was also period of cold war – competition between the free world and communist world US vs Soviets • world bank provided the capital to buy the loyalties of the emerging
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