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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

November 7, 2013 Movie 1995 Merlin Warren • A mother was supposed to not let her daughter to go to school , so she can take care of her siblings and the mom can go out and find food. • Children were getting sick because of poverty , many of those disease could have been prevented . • The money spend on war could have helped people in third world countries with food and shelters . • War is progressive it make money . • In philipines women were sex slaves , they were forced for prostitution because they had no other way of making money for food . • People live on the street and in houses made out of cardboards. • Sex slavery was seen as a way of helping the economy . • Alternatives? Our countries together can make qualitative environment • one thing we all have in common is our time – time is a description of a need to intervene in other peoples lives. • Studies showed that 2/3 of health cares took place in home . • Womens work are seen as unproductive what they do at home is not count as a job . Work & Class 1. What is work ? • Canadian index of well being is mean to provide different measure of well being • Work , class and alienation • its is hurtful and painful for some • other see it as enjoyable and it helps the economy • impraisove idle st • 1 kind of work altering the position of moving things . it is seen as unpleasant and ill paid • 2 kind of work telling other to do staff Professor Russel said . pleasant and well paid . well paid and pleasant rd • 3 kind work Is seen as activity requiring worker to give up his freedom and happiness in order to live ---- Adam Smith said • 3 kind Mills Anderson --- work is the continuous employment in the production of goods and services for remuneration . work is work for pay basically . everything else is labor • 4 kind James Raihart ---- defines work as any activity that entails the provision and goods produced for others . compatible with Marline Warren paid and unpaid work • What you do for a living has a huge impact on your health and how you enjoy your life . everything depends on your job and education • Unemployment contributes to the breakdowns of families and giving a feeling of worthlessness . • Raihart said most of us spend 3 of our conscious hours engaged in employment 2. Alienation and class • Johny Cash made a song of some guy who worked in factory making he car of his dream that he couldn’t have and he was stealing one peace at the time to his house and wanted to build one for himself . • He also made a song – take this job and showed off • In industrial revolution no body makes the whole thing. People make part of a boot for example and this takes people alienated • Rainhart used the term alienation in the sense of factor workers . • How do we maximize the wealth of nation ? by Adam Smith ---division of labor makes people as stupid as one can be . in every improved society the laboring poor comes with cost . • Smith to Marx to Rainhart --- life begins when work ends • Time at work is something that we endure not something that we take pride in and look forward . its not self expression we don’t see ourselves in the products and services we provide • Self expression comes in the commodities that we buy , like cars, cell phones , brands we wear but not by the work we do . • Rainhart believes that alienation is structural build in to capitalism society they go together and everyone is alienated . • At the shoes factory not just the worker , or the manager its everyone who is alienated . • Argument is that people are unhappy at work but it can be fixed that was industrial psychologist says . • Even if you love your job and cant wait to get there you are still alieanated says Rainhart st • 1 source • concentration of the means of production in fewer and fewer hand --- big fish eats bigger fish . people sell their labor for living • 2 source • division of labor results in alienation , it exist in offices and service industries as well as manufacturing . • 3 source • development of Market lands . We are all part of labor . human beings become commodities we are bought and sold . • there are 4 manifestation • self , other , product and process • under capitalism we are alienated from ourselves . we follow orders • we are alienated form others around us . competition at work alienates us . • we are alienated from the product we make . • we are alienated from process that the product is made . • we give up control over that process. People identify themselves as middle class • the dominant ideology is describ
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