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September 19th

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Tanja Juric

September 19th, 2012: Ideology and History 1. Ways of seeing 2. Defining Ideology 3. The Left/Right ideological spectrum 4. The liberal debate 5. Conservative revival? 6. Strands of Socialism 7. Increasing complexity 8. Mythistory, colombus and the war against the Indians - After the 2 world war, we lived in a bipolar world - Prof bell in 1960 wrote a book called the end of ideology which was very influential. By 1960 according to bell, we had sorted out these things that marx and hobbes and locke and rousseau were all talking about. It was common sense now. The free world had a monopoly on this common sense. The communists were still prisoners of ideology according to bell. The soviets created a prob for academics in the western world. They claimed they had a science of history called historical materialism. This claim was a challenge thrown down to academics of the western world. - Behaviouralism is a response to historical materialism. - 1990, a magazine wrote that we are at the end point of mankinds ideological evolution and have witnessed emergence of the western world. The ideological battle was over - 5 years later in Ontario, we had a provincial elction and bob ray was the new democrat. Mr harpers party brought forward the common sense revolution - In 2013, our neighbours to the south, Minnesota has decided to legalize same sex marriage. There are some people who do not believe this is common sense. - Over the past few years there have been debates about global financial crisis, prostitution and legalization of marijuana.Are these things common sense? - In the western world, polticial systems could be parliamentiary and presidential on one side and federal and unitary on the other. In a parliamentary system there are 3 branches which are joined and connected whereas the presidential system is not. Usa has a presidential system and Obama can not be a part ot the legislation (congress). Presidential and parliamentary system are different in the way they believe government should be run. - In a unitary system there is only one national government which is sovereign over everything. In a federal system, sovereignty is divided between atleast 2 types of government. Canada is a federal government based in Ottawa that all Canadians elect and we know that we have a provincial government in downtown, Toronto. 3 nations that have had the most impact of the historical makeup of this country is England, USAand France. - Canada is the first country in the world to have parliamentary and federal systems together. - Parliamentary and unitary system: UK - Presidential and Federal: USA - Americans got federalism from Iroqoua confederacy - Federalism was practiced and originated from the aboriginals - Aboriginals had the most organized and effective form of government which western worlds decided to copy - MISCOOT, 6 nations of the iroquoa confederacy, which played important part of shaping this part of the world - Legislative branches of govt in Canada, USAand UK. - In Canada, the legislative branch is called parliament - In the USAit is called congress - In UK, it is also called parliament - The Canadian upper house is called the senate and our lower house is called the house of commons - In usa the upper hourse is called the senate and lower house is called house of representatives - UK upper house is called House of Lawrence of wealthy families and lower house is called the house of commons - Canada has an upperhouse that has the same name as the us and the lower house the same names the UK - American senate is selective and every state has 2 senators - Ideology definition: ideology is a fairly coherent and comprehensive set of ideas that explains and evaluates social conditions, helps ppl understand their place in society, and provides a program for social and political actions. - An ideology justifies the exercise of power in society.An ideo
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