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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC Lecture #4 th March 6 2014 8. Race, Ethnicity & Aboriginal Policy • 1999, Conlin summer vacation • Goes to Vancouver island, travels to Alberta etc. • Decides to come home from American side • Gets to Montana, see’s motorcycles everywhere • See’s signs for Little Big Horn national park • Name recently changed, previously named Custard • During his visit, gravestones for the Indians were being placed • South Dakota, more motorcycles. Heads south for Mt. Rushmore • Sturges South Dakota, every year Harley Davidson shows new motorcycles. During his visit • Deadwood, South Dakota th • Crazy Horse Mountain, 1999 50 anniversary of its carving • 1860s, American civil war • 1865, North wins the civil war • 1868, Treaty which created an Indian reservation • 1874, gold was discovered in the land that was given to the Indians • Prospectors and Indians were killed • The army protected the prospectors while they broke the treaty • Indians left the reserve and the government said the Indians were hostile • The us army walked into an ambush and were destroyed • Crazy horse was caught and killed while escaping prison • Legend: Crazy Horse’s parents took his heart out and buried it at wounded knee • Little Big Horn ran to Canada, one of the first refugees • US Govt reduces the size of the Indian reserve massively • Eventually, the Indians went to court saying they didn’t violate the treaty the white people did • Eventually the supreme court makes a decision in 1980, it was indeed the us govt that broke the treaty • Supreme court orders $106 million to be given to the Indians • Indians don’t want the money • By 1980, billions of dollars worth in gold was taken from Indian land Aboriginal Policy • 4. Pre-Confederation • The relationship revolves around trade • Fish, Fur etc. • On-going exploration by Europeans • Beginnings of converting Indians into Christians • Exchanges of technology b/w Indians and Europe
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