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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC 1000 Lecture #1 Sept. 19 . 13 • Ideology and History • 1) Ways of seeing • 2) Defining Ideology • 3) The left/right ideological spectrum • 4) The liberal debate • 5) Conservative Revival? • 6) Strands of Socialism • 7) Increasing Complexity • 8) Mythistory, Columbus, & The War Against the Indians (McNeill, Zinn, & Rasky) • 1830 the worlds population reached 1 billion • Industrial revolution “Mother Earths heart” starts to race. • Took 100 years, until the great depression, 1930 to reach 2 billion. • Became 4 billion in the mid 1970s. • Became 6 billion in 2000. • Right now, 7.2 billion people. • “Best thing happened to native Indians was European people arriving.” Believed. Because they had no purpose of life, no history. • “No such thing as society, only markets” • 5 Branches that make up Social Science • 1) Anthropology: Culture study. • 2) Economics: Study of self money use. Earning/spending. • 3) Psychology: Self study. • 4) Sociology: Society study. • 5) Political Science: Society, but recently interested in self study. Ways of seeing • Daniel Bell: The end of ideology. • In 1960 he snds its over. The Cold War. • End of the 2 World War, allies become enemies. The arms race, the ideological race. • Soviets claimed to discovered the history of society. • Soviets wanted to claim territory of new countries, win the hearts and minds of non aligned world. • Until 1968, in Canada. Political scientists and Economic scientists would publish their work in the same book, but now there are two different books for each book. Canadian Journals of Politics/Economics. • Bell says all the gr
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