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SOSC Lecture #3 October 3 2013 • Ideology and History • 3. The Left/Right Ideological Spectrum • French Revolution. • People who sat on the left -> revolutionary to be. • Right -> support of the monarchy. • Ideological right -> believes that which govern less governs best • Tea party ex/ • Govt should govern less, should not interfere in others jobs/lives • Little taxation • On left -> Legit for govt to tax a lot, create laws to protect environment • Govt intervention under certain circumstances is fine • Classical liberalism replaced classical conservatives • CL has never won the debate to counter ideologist • After WW2, Classic liberalism becomes the right idea • 4. The Liberal Debate • Debate -> classic liberals vs reformed liberals • Difference in 4 types of things • 1) Personal Freedom • 2) Limited Government • 3) Equality of Right • 4) Consent of the Government • 1640s English Civil War, execution of Charles the First King of England. • 1688, Glorious Revolution. 50 Years of civil unrest. Parliament over monarchy. England becomes constition monarchy • American Revolution, • 1789, French revolution. Counter ideology is about to become THE ideology. • Classic Liberals, government must be restrained to allow individuals to go on with their lives. • - • Classical Liberalism • Personal freedom: negative liberty. • Limited Government: There must be real constraint placed upon government. • 1) Legit for gvt to provide armed forces. • 2) Legit for govt to provide a police force, protection from each other. • 3) Legit for govt to provide a series of courts, to administer and uphold laws. • Some argue that there should be a 4 thing that the govt should provide • Equality of Right: Life is a competitive game, and rules should be the same for all the players, citizens. The rule is equality of right. • Consent of the Government: Government must have consent of the citizens, citizens who own property. • Government requires those citizens consent to make things happen • - • Reformed Liberalism • Personal Freedom: Citizens should be free to develop to their full potential. • Citizens should have the means to achieve their full potential. • They disagree on WHO should have that right. • Equality of Right: You don’t have the money, its not the govts problem. Its the citizens problems • Equality of opportunity replaces equality of right. • A positive right, • Reformed Liberals, okay with student loans. NOT okay with classical liberals • Fairness is not enough, concerned out about comes as they are procedures. • - • Stella Bliss: 1960, CND govt passed Bill of Rights. • CNDs thought of cops pulled them over, they got a phone call.... they didn’t.... • Stella Bliss, 1968-69. Canada MAN power center. • - • Consent of the Government: WE THE PEOPLE. Male property owners, certain age, certain background, certain ‘means’. • State holders are the government. • Reformed Liberals, keep expanding the WE THE PEOPLE • They will lead debates about reducing property requirements, allowing working class men to participate, women, growing categories of people (that were not allowed during classical liberalism) to participate • Conservative Revival ? • Margret Tacher, longest running UK PM. • Leader of British Conservative party. “No such thing as society, only markets” • US would be a political liberal place. • US Tories came to Canada. • Believe that govt had a legit role to play in economy to look for organic whole of society • A few years ago, the Conservative that did everything for Canada, Great Progressive Conservative party closed. • All the conservatives came together to eliminate the liberals. • New party is much more like American convervatives (classic American liberals), get govt out of market. • Govt regulation, ownership, part of Canadian owner ship • Now, its illegit. Govt should get out of business world, privatise everything. • Not to be confused with the OLD conservatives • Birth of Neo-Conservatives. Okay with classical ideas of what govt should/shouldn’t do in market. • “The state has no room in the bedroom of their nation”. Govt should mind their own business • Neo-Conservatives have an issue with it • Strands of Socialism • 1) Marxist strand • 2) Non-Marxist strand. Social democracy etc. • Jesus was a socialist.... • Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Form the NDP. • JS Woodsworth, believed Jesus was a socialist. Charged with Treason. • Riding of Winnipeg North elected a CCF. • MJ Coldwealth, 2 CCF leader. • But first CCF lea
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