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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC Lecture #7 th November 7 2013 • 4. Work and Class • 1. What is Work? • 2. Alienation and Class • 3. Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment (Main St. To Bay St.) • 4. Top Ten Lists: Pay, Danger and Crime • 5. Labour and Law • 6. Perspectives on Labour and Management (if time) • 7. Westray • NAIRU: Non-Accelerating Inflation • Rate of Unemployment • 1996, STATS Canada. Long form Census. Tracking unpaid work • Repeated in census of 2001 and 2006. HUGE data for academics and policy makers • Told “who does what? When do they do it?” “Who performs this unpaid work?” • 2011, would have been 4 long forum census, put government abolished it. • “Too intrusive in the life of Canadians” but no one had actually came up complaining about it • It was the ideology that killed it • 2011 Census had little participation and data is unreliable • 2007/2008, politicians, activists  UofWaterloo “Canadian index of wellbeing” NOT to replace GDP • Meant to provide different measure of wellbeing, relying heavily on stats Canada • Involved 8 variables • December 2009, 4 workers died working on a building. Their scaflod colapses • October 2010, fate of 33 individuals 
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