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sexuality gender and family

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
John Simoulidis

Video number 1.Jackson Katz :tough guise • Crisis in masculinity • Men wear a masks to hide their masculinity • They want respect and so violence • Young men says a real man Physical ,strong ,in control ,powerful ,tough , • When emotion is showed you get call a fag ,wass ,bitch ,whimp ,sisi • Boys learn this attitude from the media ,showing dominance and power. • Eg .Latino as boxers • Asian men ,violent artist • Violence is introduced to young boys at an early age . • Sports also has violence .Eg .Hockey .and wrestling . You earn respect by disrespecting another person . • Sexualization of violence in movies could be one of the reason for sexual violence among men . 2.Video number 2 ..Anatomy of desire (sexuality ) 3.Andrea O'Reilly :mothering and motherhood The best provider for a child is the biological mother . In advertisementsA good mother is portrayed as : - can't be too old or too young (28-32 yrs ) - married -white ,middle class "Motherhood is not natural " - it is culturally determined ( society determines what women should do as mothers ) - the term motherhood is reinvented ( a good mother in the 1960s will be different a good mother in 2014) ( has been reinvented 4 times in history ) 1 .In prehistory ( hunting and gathering to agriculture ) (Before industrialization - 1800s) Motherhood in that era • They had more important things to do .They were producers .They run the farms with the husband.The work was unpaid . • There was not a concept of childhood .Just like the concept of motherhood is created then the concept came into play .There were no children's clothing or toys . • Who's minding the children ?The children were economic agents .Helping the parents on the farm. They needed children to do the work on the farms . Children today are seen as an economic liability ( they cost money ) .Children were often raised my other fami
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