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Ideology and HistoryAll ideas once they become dominant appear to be the only rationalDominont IdeaologyMarchakIn 1960 the end of ideologally Dr Bell is a believes that the days of ideologically debate is over1990 fortune magazing states that we are at the end point of ideology and witness the final form of western government1995 the comon sense revlotuion equity progressive labour lawsnot common sense Aristotle government theoryAristotle and Plato were against democracyGovernments where One Leadso Good Monarchyo Bad TryannyFew Leado Good Aristocracyo Bad OligarchyMany Leado Good Polityo Bad DemocracyName 3 countries that have the impact on canadian governmentUKFranceUSAWestern Liberal DemocracyFederalpower is not located only one areaParliamentary Canada first of its kindPresidential USA first federal governmentUnitarypower is located in the national capitalParliamentary United Kingdom created parliamentPresidential FranceSoberty is not devided CanadaLegisative ParliamentUpper House The Senate of Canadao Appointed by Prime MinisterRequirnment over 30 own propertyReflection of aristotles beliefLower House House of Commons
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