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Lecture 3

Lecture Three- May 13th, 2014- Ideology & History.docx

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Lecture 3 May 13th 2014 Ideology and History1Ways of Seeing1987 a political economy All ideas once they become dominant appear to be the only rational and value Dominate Ideology Bell believed the days of idolgoical debate is over in 1960 because they had is all figured out 1990 Fortune Magazine We are at the end point of man kinds ideological revolution we have witnessed the WesternWe witnessed the collapse of the evolution 1995 After 10 years out of power the Progressive conservative party won power The voters in Ontario voted a party that believed ideological discourse is over The common sense revolution in 1995 The liberal party under leader of profession Kathleen who is a lesbian provincial budget that was progressive Create a million new jobs but eliminating 100000 jobs in the public service The post ideological rule We have witnessed in Canada of Same Sex Marriage We have witnessed decriminalization of weed We have witnessed an ongoing debate of issues like abortion family values sexual assaults Slut walk We are going to talk about Western Ideology Political Science Course he was gonna learn about Democracy and the major philosophers Aristotle argued that there were 3 types of governments one rule few rule and many rule There are also good and bad views of each of the type of governments ONEFEWMANYGOODMonarchAristocracyPolityBADTernaryOligarchDemocracyThe people are not to be trusted The demos mass most the people are short sited self interested they are creatures of appetite do not understand justice incapable of ruling themselves without some kind of institutional over site We are told that democracy is good Aristotle and Plato had real problem by rule of the demos How many of Athens were allowed to participate and were citizens About 10 Excluded by jobs sex military action slavery
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