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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

LECTURE 2thMay 8 2014Introduction1University 1012World population and the Global Village3My First Days4Citizens and Consumers and course themes5Holmbergs Mistake A view from above and the view from below6A brief intro to SOSCLearning Skill services in the Bennett Centre and the workshops take place in the Sound and Moving Images Library lssinfoyorkuca311 South Ross Writing Department workshopsSouth 329 Ross Centre for Academic Writing WORLD POPULATION VIDEOThe heartbeat of mother earth speed picks up during the industrial age the wars etc Population growth and environmental concerns are key issues to be discussedWorld population clock The population of the planet reached 1 billion during the 1830 2 billion by 1930 by 1975 4 billion year 2000 its 6 billion
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