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Lecture 7

SOSC 1009 Lecture 7: Work and Class

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1009
Terry Conlin

Work and Class (Week 9 – Nov. 9) Rinehart, Seabrook, Comish, Glasbeek, Richard Last week: Definition of work:  Prof. Russell o Only two kinds of work  1. Altering the position of matter  tends to be unpleasant, poorly paid, dangerous  2. Telling other people to do stuff  tends to be pleasant, well payed, and relatively safe o “in praise of idleness”  Adam Smith – moral philosophy o An activity requiring the worker to give up his tranquility, freedom and happiness in order to live  Prof. Nills Anderson – economist o Work is the continuous employment in the production of goods and services for remuneration  “Work is work for pay” – labour  James Reinhart o Any activity that entails the provision of goods and services for others o Does not accept a distinction between work and labour  Today, your occupation largely shapes the quality of your life o Factors attached to work establish huge difference for people to live specific lifestyles  Ex. Leisure o Importance of work goes well beyond this o Being without work:  Feelings of worthlessness and lack or relationships  Nature of work is changing rapidly Alienation and class  Alienated labour  Work becomes instrumental o “life begins when work ends” o “we live in a democracy except for when we are at work”  material goods are valued more than labour  alienation is structured o cannot be fixed  derived from 3 sources
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