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major objective of the Cree and Inuit in signing the 1975 James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was to protect the environment and thus secure their way of life based on harvesting activities.docx

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major objective of the Cree and Inuit in signing the 1975 James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was to protect the environment and thus secure their way of life based on harvesting activities The Agreement contained pioneering provisions for environmental assessment yet those provisions did not meet many of the expectations of the Native people Causes of James bay projectNo on needs electricity right now it is going to be exported for the next 30 years it will supply the aluminum pollute the riversafter the phase 1 of the project everything was out of control there were impacts even though people were told there will be no impacts On the environmentbeluga whale is dying off because of the industrial pollution aluminum involved in the project itself is a very toxic chemical therefore it has a great negative impact on animals and plants they called it a waste land for those who lived there aboriginal people it was far from waste High level of mercury in fishharming those who eat it the hydro Quebec settlement was built on Indian land which took away hunting opportunities from Indians they lost their landCree were found to have mercury level 3to5 times above the national safety standards level of mercury raised within those who feed on fish Some birds and animals also feed on fishCree has high levels of alcoholism vandalism and drug use then before the projectImpact on indigenous peopleThe Cree of northern Quebec made it abundantly clear that in spite of receiving millions of dollars in compensation the James Bay project has severely damaged their community As they are dependent on fish for their diet and for employment mercury poisoning of the water has caused a particularly harmful disruption to the Cree way of life The new roads associated with the project have been equally pernicious they have facilitated importation of alcohol and other products harmful to the community Certain hunting grounds belonging to the Cree have been destroyed by the flooding of land for reservoirs Moreover the permanent jobs that were to have materialized as a result of the project simply have not been available to the Cree Innis the fur trade impactsnew technology with its innovations lead to disappearance of beaver European products and technologies enabled Indians to hunt moose beaver and other animals more effective which lead to a decline in beaver smallpox disease brought by Europeans affected aboriginal communities largely Hawkins a declaration of sustainability Businesses destroy world They do not care about the environment all they care about is profit Recycling aluminum cans in the company does not help much we have to do something more Frogs are at the verge of extinction humans have similar endocrine system as animals and can die off as some animals as well Childrens immune system will soon be affected by toxins in the food air and water Businesses have 3 basic issues to face what it takestakes too much from the environment what it makes products that require too much energy toxins and pollutants what it wastes causes harm to present and future generations of humans and animals Today the idea of progress is undergoing a massive shift away from material and economic growth for growths sake and toward what has come to be known as sustainable development The James Bay project might have been considered the project of the century in an earlier era However in the era of sustainable development it is regarded as something quite differentFamily values are social beliefs about nuclear family to be the essential ethical and moral unit of society Most of the time mother is the main caregiver for a child and a pulse of domesticity Her role is not only to care after her children but also maintain all the work around her house as a housewife she has to prepare food for her family clean her house do the laundryetcas a mother she has to nurture children feed them cloth them and socialize with them her job as a wife includes providing sexual and psychological needs for her husband fi
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