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Lecture 7

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York University
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SOSC 1009
Julie Dowsett

Descartes- mostly med 3 • The challenge gacendi put for Descartes is give me a method from which I can tell that something is clear and distinct. • His answer is that I have already did that, the question is where did he do that? • The answer is in mediation 1 • Descartes say if you can doubt an Idea or a plain then there is something wrong with it. There is a defect in it. • The conclusion is that any ideas which are acceptable than it must be clear and distinct. • He tells gancendi if something can be doubted than it is not acceptable • Therefore using conversion you make the antecedent to the consequent and antecedent to the consequent and add a telda. • The logic of meditation one is that Descartes points out if something is acceptable it is indubitable • Although truth has one of its feature being indubitable that isn’t all it is, because indubitable is a necessary condition. It’s not the only feature because • I think therefore is am is for Descartes is true, like the I think therefore I am, mathematics is also clear and distinct but Descartes says that mathematics can be doubted when you take in to account that God was trying to deceive me. • If god wants to deceive me he can deceive me with mathematics • When you think a mathematical proposition such as 1+1=2 you cannot doubt it. When you are thinking mathematical you cannot doubt it. When you think about mathematics you bring God in the context therefore you doubt it. (59) • Mathematics is view in two different ways. • In terms of all decartes has to say “ I think therefore I am” is never ever doubted. It has a prilieveged status, not even God an deceive us with respect to “ I think there fore I am “ pg 41 course kit) replies 2. • Although mathematical claims are indoubtablie when you think of them once you introduce the though of God you can easily see the mathematics is true. • Not even God can deceive us of “ I THINK THEREFORE I AM” • In meditation four there must be a proof using “ I think therefore Iam “ that there is something true • Constructed reply to gancende: • 1) Official reply to gacende (213-14 CK) – he tells gancende he answered his concern in med 1 beyond med 1 he is only dealing with clear and distinct ideas. • 2) claim that the denial of clear and distinct ideas are self contradictory is false (princlple 7 page 60) • What is self contradictory is the denial of clear and distinct ideas • What is the denial of I think there for I am? It would I think therefore I do not exist. • Thinking of though and not thinking of evidence is contradictory • 3) Principle 7, decartes is saying finding the denial of I think therefore I am is all you need to prove its true • However in the case of mathematics it is equally true that the denial of a true mathematical propostion is self contradictory. There is the same contradiction in mathematical claim and I think therefore I am. • The knowledge of God I essential to establish the truth of mathematics • 4) med 4 • Decartes claim in the reply to gacendi stage 2 for clear and distinct • Step 1. There is a physiological irresistibility (pg 81) (84) • Step 2. Principle 10 (222) pg 14 med – the thought of though and the thought of existence are separate thoughts • Step 3) A J lyer said that that the claim I think therefore I exist is not self contradictory • Stept 4) there are some sentences that can be shown to be true by reviling that there denial is self contradictory • How to do that? Example • All bachelors are unmarried males • All bachelors are happy •
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