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Social Science
SOSC 1009
Terry Conlin

HonourMeans blood and highest value In the traditional sense is something that must be protected from external attacks insults or betrayals For some families especially in traditional ones such as Sarakatsan honour is one of the most important aspects that every family should have as it defines its reputation Campbells describes honour asan aspect of integrity and social worth of the family It represents thestrength of the family and its moral solidarity For example if a man is killed or a woman is assaulted a life or honour is taken away and away from his family honour I think honour is essential for every family and every person as it defines ones position in society If the person is honorable people usually respect that person and therefore this person also have a good reputationThe honour is still impact now for instant the British royal family This family is very famous in the world they are still practice the hereditary system in UK MythistoryThis word can be found from the author McNeill in his articleMythistory or truth Myth History and HistoriansMyth and history are close kin insasmuch as both explain how things got to be the way they are by telling some sort of story But our common parlance reckons myth to be false while history is or aspires to be true Mythmoreover are based on faith more than on fact For sample when Hitler had defeated France the British public continued to support war against Germany partly because they knew from schoolbook history that in European wars their country lost all the early battles and always won the last However what is true to one person does not means that it is true to another or what is false to one person does not mean that it is false to another person Relates to idea of dominant ideologywidespread popularity equating to belief regardless of real truth For now The sample is like some people still believes God is exist andwill help them when they have troublesMarilyn WaringFound from the videowhos counting She was born in 1952 and she is from New Zealand She is a politician and feminist economist who wrote If women counted is a feminist analysis of modern economics that argues womens work and the value of nature are not taken into account She said in our economy unpaid work usually by women is being ignored and women suffer from gender inequality I agree with her because even today when it seems like gender inequality is far behind it still exists even in Canada For example the construction company usually hiring men as constructor because they think woman doesnt have enough energy and power to do this job Glass ceiling as being a barrier for women to executives ranks stops women who are smarter than some men to get what they deserve Moral Economy of the crowdcan be found from the authorThompson in his articleThe moral Economy of the English crowed in the eighteenth centuryIt is a term used to describe the interplay between moral or cultural beliefs and economic activities The term refers to the traditional precapitalist economy based on moral values to be replaced The old moral economy b
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