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Terry Conlin

Lecture 5 th20 may 2014FROM LAST LECTURE5Conservative revivalAfter WW2 Reform liberal ideology in combination with Keynesian Unprecedented economic growth Milton Friedman unheard during this time 194575 EH Carl the road to freedom pro Keynesian ideas Hayak was opposed to this the road to serfdom he preferred classical liberal ideas In the early 1970s dominant ideology ran into trouble no longer explained the condition people lived in and so the voice of the opposed is heard Politicians openly question the dominant ideology In the late 1970s Margarette Thatcher Ronald Regan economic capitalist social classical conservative The ideas that will begin to challenge the dominant paradigm of reform liberalism beginning in the 1970 and then exploding in the 80 and in the 1990s becoming the new ideology these ideas are predominantly classical liberal ideas 6Strands of socialism Social democracy and ideas related to Marxist ideology socialism and democracy are not compatible The state is a part of the bourgeoisie But the ideology and social reality had a big gap Led to neoMarxist ideas7Increasing complexityReassertion of Islamic ideas feminism environmentalism8McNeill said we have gone beyond the limit to make history scientific and we have to give importance to myth TODAYS TOPIC1Campbell 1964 and Thompson 1968 readings Refer to the traditional society History is progress and the greatest moment was the industrial revolution Thompson is trying to get us to look at the industrial revolution from the bottom up He debates the major thinkers of his time about industrial revolution being a good thing Modernity is it good A society is more or less one of the two 23 but they are never completely either2Traditional Hierarchical societyThe basic unit of society is the family extended Needs of family override needs of individual members Obligations to the family never end The world is divided into US and THEM You have no obligations to THEM Outsiders are the realm of hostility Always enhance the familys honor Class system No use for outside experts family is the welfare system and all issues are dealt with within the family Strict sexual division of labor Women are subservient and selfsacrificing It is up to women to regulate the
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