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GuestEditorialIssue of theCentury TheJamesBayHydroelectricProject When Robert Bourassa unveiled the first phase of the James Bay hydroelectric project in the early 1970s hecalled itthe project of the century This seemed an appropriate term fora scheme that would alter 19 of billionsof dollars Apart from the Cree inhabitantsandahandful waterwayscreate27reservoirs and cost tens of environmental activists the project had few opponents As described in a HydroQuebec brochure the territory now being molded to mans needs seemed too remote and too vast to warrant much concern Twenty years later circumstances have changed dramatically The project of thecentury is becoming the issue of the century as a broad base of opposition forms against it Biologists economists energy experts of wellinformed individuals and groups in Canadaandthe United anthropologists plus a growing number States have joined with the Cree and certain Inuit to opposefurther hydroelectric development in the region No longer remote the James Bay territory its environment andits people have become subjects of national andinternational importance The reason for this shift is notthat the second phase of the James Bay project is to be any larger or have La Grande a greater environmental impact thanthe first Infactthe project already completed in the basin of Riveris larger thanthat which HydroQuebec isnow preparing to develop on the Great Whale River The Great 15 000 for La Grande and Whale project will generate 3168 megawatts ofelectricity compared with almost 4400 km2 of land compared with 9675 will flood The James Bay project has become amajor issue because it involves a number of factors that represent a critical change in ouroutlook over the past twenty years The first of these is the growth in popularityand scientificcredibility of the environmental movement Environmental awareness has floweredsince the first phase of the James Bay project was begun The environmental impact of the project was notamatter of great public of the debate in the early 70s andno formal environmental assessment wasever donepriortoconstruction first phase Ithas only been since the mid1970s that environmental impact assessments of major government projects havebeen performed on a regular basis in Canada A surge in public concern aboutthe state of the environment in the late 1980s came at the time HydroQuebec a result the environmental impacts of the began preparations forthe Great Whale phase of the project As first phase have come under close scrutiny and many of the concerns expressed by opponents in the 1970s havebeen substantiated It has been shown that environmental impacts of the first phase include methyl mercury contamination of water in reservoirs and downstream rivers and mercury accumulation in
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