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Lecture 2

SOSC 1040 - Lecture 2 Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

SOSC 1040 Sept 13, 2012 • Primary info. – Concept/info • Secondary info. – Examples, secondary concepts • Tertiary info What is society? • Consists of people • Institutions {religion}; bureaucracy • Order/chaos • Power, stratification (hierarchy) o Power: social construction of reality; religion also assoc. • Cultures; values, norms, religion; can block us from understanding certain things that others can easily get (bias) • A product of people (not an inevitable product) • The challenges of studying society – taken for granted assumptions and beliefs; already know about society, but experiences have been influenced by social forces • Social issues and problems • Social forces – economics, politics, culture o Modern society: new economic situations, modern electronic technology, consumerism, mass media Sociology AS A SCIENCE OF SOCIETY • Knowledge is power, science also -> but they also want to dominate {nuclear power, better weapons, more crops for more profit}
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