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Lecture 7

SOSC 1040 - Lecture 7 Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

SOSC 1040 Oct 25/12 Mass Communications and Media Culture  All freedom begins with freedom of thought; importance and power of mass media  We are surrounded by communications  Symbolic reality; ideas/meaningssharedcommunicate  New technology doesn’t replace old technology; we are inundated by it; almost enslaved by it  Mass media system: o Most significant social institution in social construction of reality o B/c of amount of time spent engaged w/ media o Influence of media messages on culture and personal thought o We are all shaped by media culture o Culture industry: business that manufactures & sells culture  Creates our “mental environment” o We don’t notice the presence of ideas but they’re still powerful o Ideas in the media are a form of power  Mainstream media is corporately owned and controlled; all have the same stories; filtered; presents certain views of reality that reinforces the current societal order; not critical thinking; not objective; is entertainment.  The media disseminates forms of knowledge and information which are significant forms of power.  We live in a “media culture”  Communications media shape social relations; divides people  Corporate versus public media o Control of public media allows totalitarian control of information  Messages have “content” and “form”  Humans as “story-telling beings”; are very powerful.  Media effects theories – how do people interpret messages? o Direct effects o Limited effects o Messages don’t enter ppl’s consciousness from mass media SOSC 1040 Oct 25/12  Sender sends message to the culture, then receivers take them in (and some don’t); hence media culture o The more time ppl spend w/ television, the more tv responses they’d give to questions; those who didn’t had broader responses  Mainstreaming…leads to indoctrination of ideologies  the mainstreaming of perception o Ideological hegemony (soft control) – getting people to consent to co
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