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Lecture 10

SOSC 1040 - Lecture 10 Notes
SOSC 1040 - Lecture 10 Notes

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

SOSC 1040 Nov 22, 2012 Representations/constructions of Masculinity in the Media  Violence as a “gendered” phenomenon – a male problem  Take on the “tough guise” at an expense to their emotional and relational lives and their psyche; survival mechanism to their peer environments  Masculine identity is learned through cultural texts, social scripts or media discourses rather than as a biological program  Masculinity is a “pose”; a “performance”; respect & growing up is linked to physical strength & threat of violence  Hyper-masculinity as a mask/disguise/insincere pose; to shield their insecurity o Linked to acts of violence perpetrated by males & the overall culture of violencep  Ideals of masculinity  Popular cultural portrayals of masculinity  Boys killing other kids  How male violence is socially and culturally produced as a normal part of gender-identity socialization  Media de-genders violence -> kids killing kids, but is actually boys killing  Sports also play a role; teaches teamwork and etc but is increasingly becoming more violent o Being a “real man” is being dominant and controlling; gain respect by disrespecting another person o Being a man is linked w/ being abusive & violent; seen in wrestling and other violence based sports where all the males are giant o Sports are privately institutions  The sexualization of violence – how self portrayals of violence are seen as aspects of sexual desirability  The deformation of male identity – when the tough guy image on the exterior doesn’t c
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