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Lecture 9

SOSC 1040 - Lecture 9 Notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

SOSC 1040 Nov 15, 2012 Representations/Constructions of the Female Gender in the Corporate Media  We are coerced into following social scripts about how to behave (based on gender roles); and if we don’t consume then we are punished.  Advertising = language of consumerism o Doesn’t just have the function of selling; it also creates shared meanings; latent contentcontrol of thinking resides here  The meanings that we develop about gender identity are directly related to problems we have in society Jean Kilbourne, Killing Us Softly 4  How patriarchal values about gender and beauty are portrayed in mass media  The process of objectification > the transformation of individuals from subjects to objects o Women are dehumanized and turned into objects (literally)  Men & women live in very different worlds; women have their bodies scrutinized but not men  Infantilization of women  Dehumanization of the self can lead to self hatred and violence  Dismemberment > the ‘body as parts’ – can cause some to see themselves as incomplete beings  The normalization of “pornographic & pedophilic” images - the sexualization of chil
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