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York University
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SOSC 1040
Claudio Colaguori

Power, Models of Society and Ideology The concept of POWER: the capacity to influence/control other people in significant ways, through force or through ideas - power is unequally distributed in our society - power as control over resources, wealth and the law - power as social regulation and control – it emerges through social relations - power as freedom – power as domination - People often try to oppose power to create social change – power is fluid and dynamic and society is under constant change - early human societies – mode of production – paleo, neo, modern Sociological models of modern society: - structural functionalism: social cohesion, solidarity, order, anomie - class conflict model: social hierarchy, profit motive, conflict, alienation - Dialectics: everything in society is related, change is constant, change proceeds from quantitative to qualitative, change results from the struggle and tension between opposing forces - the patriarchal order: society that privileges the power of males - Max Weber’s power model – social stratification, life chances, social status, bureaucracy as a feature of modern society, the state and the power of law - Neoliberalism and the post 9/11 era - globalization Ideology: ‘How does the society reproduce and maintain itself as a constant hierarchy of economic inequality?’ – How does the social system resist revolution against it? Certain ideas influence how people think about society as
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