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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

2012-01-05 Canadian Immigration Policy: Post WWII to 1980s • New criteria for selecting immigrants • Development of a refugee framework • Development of multiculturalism as a policy of social integration • How Canada fits into globalization reflected in migration policies of Canada • After WWII move to liberalize immigration policy • Canadian economy experienced smooth transition from war years, already had developed industrial base • Demand for goods and services that had not been available during great depression and world wars • Need for labour increased to produce non-war related commodities • Europe had large demand for Canadian exports • International community focused on reconstruction of Europe • Economy booming in Canada, workers needed through immigration • Businesses wished for open-door policy towards immigrants, others concerned about the type of immigrants coming to Canada • In response to business, Canada brought immigrants from camps • Cold War resulted in fear of outsiders • People who sympathized with communism not let into Canada • Began to change in 1960s, concern was that Canada lacked skilled labourers that were required for economy to expand • Established department of man power and immigration, dealt with bringing people in • Link immigration explicitly to needs of labour market • Absorptive Capacity, can absorb a type of people • To accept non-sponsored immigrants, they had to fit in to Canada’s view • Would take in refugees who were not a major burden • To fulfill vision, devise system to select immigrants that were not sponsored • Had to be impartial and rely on objective criteria, focus on skills and labour • 1967 revision: The Points System • Way of assigning points of various categories that include education, empl
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