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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

2012-02-16 Undocumented Migration Introduction • Only some people are deemed acceptable to migrate to their country of choice • Migration policy in receiving countries has become more restrictive • How does one respond to the barrier of receiving countries? • Desperate individuals will do anything possible to migrate to the receiving country • We can call them refugees of the global economy (people seeking refuge from certain circumstances) • Excluded individual, the restriction of freedom of movement • Who bears responsibility for this issue of undocumented migration? • Who are the beneficiaries from undocumented migration? “Illegal” Migration as a Problematic Concept • Categories of migrants o Legal-legal: people who have reasons to stay legally, or have visa so they can remain until expiry date o Illegal-legal (converted, amnesty, refugee claims): people who have come illegally but have obtained legal status o Legal-illegal: People who overstay expired documents o Illegal-illegal (independent) came to Canada without documents and has remained without documents. Not connected to any organization o Legal-legal (indentured) o Illegal-illegal (indentured) • Definition of illegal migration very narrow, does not account for diversity within • Undocumented migrants less aggressive than illegal, illegal associates with criminals • Risk discourse: discourse that is preoccupied with dangers, cultivates insecurities focuses them on scapegoats and forces people to accept expert knowledge of risk • We have moved into a risk discourse due to the cold war, now we are endangered by illegal immigration • This danger and risk discourse similar to terrorism, no sense of peace, uneasy, unsure when risk will strike • Migrant workers in an irregular situation without documents Response • Individual (need) o Desperate individua
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