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2012-02-09.Globalization and International Migration Flows.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

20120209Globalization and International Migration Flowscontinuation from two weeks agoIncorporate many regions into the global economy neoliberalism had led to wealth but also displacement and losses to manyGlobal economy is linking us and giving us a sense of one worldNeoliberalism pushes towards a borderless world open the borderAssault on freedom of movement as movement is restrictedGlobal apartheidGlobal apartheid analogy of south Africa system of racial separationOpen system for racial separationHad a system for white and a system for blacks but they are linked by the migratory system Black population would work at the mines and retreat back to their homeBlacks have a pass law which gives them permission to travel they would be regularly stopped to see if they have a passDid this so blacks could do labourApartheid against the law according to United Nations since 1977Canadas Response to Global ApartheidDeveloping an immigration framework that focu
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