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2011-10-27.The Mass Media and the Production of Common Sense.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

2011-10-27 The Mass Media and the Production of Common Sense • Mass media played important role in shaping personal perception • Media instrumental in production of common sense and what common sense is o Is immigration beneficial? o Who should immigrate? o How does immigration affect jobs? Society? Culture? o Are immigrants a problem? • Symbols, images, and words are used to convey meaning • Media allows us to reflect on the power structure in Canada and how the media fit into it Social Construction of News and its Social Implications • News is a manufactured product • Shaped by selection and interpretation, in turn shaped by economic considerations • Newspapers provide more than information • Inform o Let us know events locally and globally o Rely on them for everyday news o Economic and political information o Media are windows to the world • Educate o Learn about the world fairly easily and quickly o Learn about health, family relations, finances, etc. o Little elaboration, accounts are short (by nature brief), do not give enough context. Process of selection, only including they see as most important  Gatekeepers, omit certain information  Set the agenda of what is important  Prioritize events and concerns  Important to reflect on omissions • Interpret o Interpret events for us • Persuade o Arguments o Points of view are prese
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