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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

2011-11-17 Canada’s Response to Asylum Seekers in the 1930’s: The Jewish Case *most information in readings • Wished to escape ethnic cleansing • Mennonites ran away from Stalinist policies • People left for many different reasons • Allows us to reflect on Canada’s immigration policy framework and categories of admission and ethnic dimension of policies • To make sense of it as social scientists • Hegemonic role • Jews victims of negative nation building • Used as scapegoats to legitimize power in a moment of crisis • Jews attempts to escape did not get a positive response from Canadian citizens • Reading - Ship in St. Louis, had 930 Jewish passengers trying to get into any country o Turned away from Cuba, coast guard made sure no one would get off o Eventually came to Canada, but Canada refused and ship returned to Germany Closing the doors to refugees • Lack of absorptive capacity o More than an economic factor, has a social and political component o Not everyone who is seeking to come to Canada fits in to Canada’s vision or project o Maintain order by deporting undesirables • Lack of policy framework o Canada not prepared to distinguish between labour migration and humanitarian migration o Avery points out in reading, pg. 125 “There is no such term as refugee…” • Anti-Semitism o Both in Canada and internationally o Canadian authorities equated Jews and Refuge
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