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Creating A Nation- National Policies & Labour Migration.pdf

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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

Creating  A  Nation:  National  Policies  &  Labour  Migration  -­‐1914)         1. The Creation of Canada: A. 3 important national policies: • Protective tariffs: • Referred to national policy • Was an attempt to create a strong industrial base in Canada • Taxing imports, to protect the local industry (local industry was in infancy) • Import substitution industrialization (ISI) • Help the industry to take, temporary • Western Settlement: • Most important in the decades following Confederation • Vision of a united Canada (more of a dream in 1867) • Dream was threatened by the imperialists --> US (had an eye on western Canada) • Transcontinental Railways: • Basically unite the country form the east to the west • good communication is needed for a country's development B. Creating An Immigration Framework: • First Immigration Act (1869) • Open door policy/active recruitment • Preferred immigrants • Revisions to the Act in 1906 and 1910 • 1906: excluded a number of people for immigration • 1910: introduced a new measure - government could regulate immigration (race, occupation of those coming to Canada). Also, already deportations based on political or moral suitability • Social Reactions (Diverse) • Government • Business - wanted workers • Organized labour C. Reflections on the Nation-state • Definition: "One in which supreme political authority is based on and represents the will and feeling of its people" • State: • A politically defined people • A territory with defined boundaries • Formal agency of social control (government) which claims: sovereignty over territory, authority over its people, right to unphysical force to maintain control • Many states have different nations in it (ex. Canada) • Nation: • A cultural community linked by common past, present and projected future (ex. language, values and history) • Nation state as social construction • The nation is a social construction because it is a creation, one inspires to that • Internal dy
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