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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

20130919I Dening immigration types and criteriamoving from one place to anotherUN between long term migrant moves and stays for at least one year in a diff geographical region in one country or other country and short term up to 6 monthsinternal migrationmoving within national borders emigrant original land international migration move outside the national border immigrant destinationSometimes people can make money in canada then being an engineer in India but lower position titleDocumented have countries permission to be there subdivided into diff type permanent and temporary1Permanenttemporary skilled labor business self employed investorsenterpriser family class age of dependence which increase from 18 to 22 and if they are in fulltime school category of spouse initially married couple later change being broaden to common law and samesex spouse refugees temporary visa given to skilled and unskilled workers seasonal works in agriculture domestic workers and students changesmany temporary workersonce visa expire they leave they change in social and historical circumstancesinvestorb
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