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SOSC1140 - Winter

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1140
Patti Nyman

LECTURE 19 March 4, 2014. The Social Construction of Gender • Sex vs. Gender  sex: biological and physiological  gender: socially constructed roles and behaviours in society that are appropriate form men and women • Examples of the Social Construction of Gender  experiment at York: babies in pink and blue sleepers  adults come in for study  watching for differences in behaviours depending on the colours  pink slipper falls : coddle and rub their back BUT blue slipper falls: pat on back and push away  is it a boy or a girl? • Constructions of “Masculine” and “Feminine”  boys: blues greens and greys  trucks and basketballs  girls: pinks pastels  flowers and butterflies MASCULINE FEMININE Logical/Distant Emotional/Nurturing Aggressive Passive Strong Weak/ sensitive Career oriented/Worldly Appearance oriented/Domesticated Promiscuous Loyal Low/Deep (Voices) Squeaky/Childish (Voices) Competitive Cooperative Rational Irrational  Valentines Day: girls are passive recipients while boys are the giving worldly Sexist Oppression • Misogyny  hatred of women (but we don’t know the word for the hatred of men) ??why?? • Patriarchy  “Understanding Patriarchy”: political social system insists that males are superior to anyone weak like women and dominate the weak with psychological and institutional 1 dominance  set of values that institutions put on men and devalue women • Prejudice and Disadvantage  women: disadvantages – not valued, job opportunities, partner respect, political  assumed that women lack competence and ability  surprised when good at something seen as masculine (women are the inferior sex)  YOU CAN’T DO THAT BECAUSE YOU’RE A GIRL  playing with boys  one boy disagrees  all boys follow him & leave  John John Russo: Private Property did not exist when someone put up a fence but when someone believed in the fence  the picture is on his desk – solid and responsible man  the picture is on her desk – her family will come before his work  he is talking to the boss – must be getting a promotion  she is talking to the boss – they must be having an affair  Females are doubted and portrayed negatively: irresponsible, emotional and devious  Double Standards:  Single men – over thirty = bachelor (desirable, choosing to be single, choosing to be with many women)  Single women – over thirty = spinster (couldn’t find a partner, undesirable, not by choice, if by choice she’s a slut)  Women with strong opinions: Fiesty and uppity, bitchy  Men with strong opinions: Strong personalities, Sharp witted, Assertive • Women and Work  50% world pop.  Does 70% of worlds work  for 10% of worlds income (women)  women hold only 20% of government positions  own only 1% of worlds pop.  women:1/3 less time off work than men including the time for mat leave and child care 2 Violence Against Women • Objectification  opposite of object = subject: own interests and ideas thoughts and beliefs, for yourself  object must have subject  belongs to someone else  for someone  women treated as objects for someone else  seen and known as for someone else  walking down the street gets whistled at  mom laughed and used to it  at age 12 had to “shouldn’t wear tank tops or walk on this side of the road”  MALE GAZE  idea of being watched or ogled at  violating  setting up standards from outside: beauty, look good, valuable (WATCH: KILLING US SOFTLY 4)  prostitutes in Egypt: must dye hair to blonde to identify themselves • False Responsibility of the Victim  Don’t Be That Guy: trying to counteract the amount of sexual assault in society  Usually geared towards females: must change their own ways  THIS targeted males:  Just because she’s drinking doesn’t mean she wants sex  Just because you help her home doesn’t mean you get to help yourself  Just because she isn’t saying no doesn’t mean she is saying yes  Isolating their body parts: She has a nice ass etc  interest in parts not person  Its patriarchy that makes males into the people that drive them to acts that need such ads  “The thing is its patriarchy that says males are stupid and incapable of change and have animalistic instincts and cant stop themselves and feminism says men are capable of more than that” • Canadian Statistics on Violence Against Women  Women’s Guide to Safety (pamphlet at York): 44 numbers  mid 90s: guy nearly beat his gf to death with a hammer  put in jail for one year  court ruled that he wouldn’t have a longer sentence because he had a high blood sugar 3 issue (WHAT THE ACTUAL F#%K??)  violence is excused in legal system  for ever 100,000 married common-law & separated women in Ontario, there are 29 women in shelters seeking an escape from domestic violence  for ever 3 women, one will experience sexual assault in their life  less than 1 in 10 sexual assaults v
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