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York University
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SOSC 1140
Patti Nyman

Lecture March 25 ANew Idea of Revolution • Individual and Culture ⇒ Political Structure o political structure gets changed from changing the individual and the culture o not requiring violence and couldn’t be successfully resistant o new liberated individual - recovery of self • AChange in Consciousness o “to change our way of life and humanity”  each social era produces a different kind of person for that era ex: industrial era  today's emerging consciousness is focused on what it means to be human o focus of change o worldview cannot be an alienated worldview o problems would still exist if we only focused on materialistic changes o revolution would be in a well functioning society  well functioning society does not mean it is right • The Nature of Our Present Crisis • Disorder, Corruption, Hypocrisy, War • Poverty, Distorted Priorities, and Law-Making by Private Power • Uncontrolled Technology and the Destruction of the Environment • Decline of Democracy and Liberty • TheArtificiality of Work and Culture • Absence of Community • Loss of Self o Real problem is our failure to act, or feel like we can’t take action • “Unreality” and Ideology • Universal Sense of Powerlessness o pg 8 “we seem t o be living in a society that no one created and no one wants” o we are clearly focused with crises that no one is acting upon o how do we even define this crisis?  contradictions of capitalism, obsolete political structure, mindless technology - contributing factors but there is a more fundamental underlying structure that brings all of this together  the real problem- our consciousness= the way we understand nature, how we relate to eachother, approach to how we life • “Unreality” and Ideology: The Discrepancy Between Reality of Society and Our BeliefsAbout It o Ideology- certain ideas and beliefs we have that sustain social order, but reality does not match ideology o ex: “free and equal society” when we know that reality is not like that  we often believe these ideas which means we fail to see the true possibilities and potential within our society  if we do not understand our social order we cannot change it  true definition of crisis: system become indifferent to human ends • goal must be to convert system for human ends, for human goals, human interest etc... • how do we create a truly human world? • AChange in Consciousness • Consciousness: Worldview, Mindscape, Perception of Reality o different than opinions, information, values - you claim these things o consciousness is a whole perception of reality - what matters is something deeper, sense of reality, underlying any particular value, opinion etc... o ex: somebody is a retired police officer, who now runs a pawn shop  you can predict many things because there is an underlying worldview o consciousness is not reducible to any particular society - there is always a distinction between the two  one being ahead of our time, or behind our time  important because consciousness it not identical- means it can be vehicle for social change o Rike page 16 “how do we preserve our humanity?” o MINDSCAPE - look in reading for this word • Preservation of Humanity and Renewal of Life o renewal of life o the new consciousness is appropriate to today's realities, based on present state of technology and could not be raised without it, changing culture and quality of individual lives, but this change is a huge task- must live in a new way by using science and technology only for human needs, find spiritual self o page 19 o so much production- enables us to create a realm of freedom that has not been possible historical • Our Collective Mindscape • The Repression of the “Religious” Sensibility o cannot be confused with religion - no god, church, prayer, organization etc.. o Religious Sensibility- search and need for meaning (human beings need and want life to be meaningful) - religious impulse o Need for meaning and the resulting of meaning systems that is being eliminated from our culture - fundamental issue o elimination of meaning in the way we see the world o repressed in today’s society and culture o Astrology, Tarot cards etc...  desperate for a meaning that is not scientific • AWorld Rendered Meaningless o “primarily because of scientific rationality” - our current consciousness (problem) o taken place due to industrialization of society, commodification of nature, business culture etc.. o mindscape- we live in today is referred to as single vision  single vision has been shaping itself for several centuries - connected to modern science (continuation of Judao Christian tradition)  humans relationships to the universe, nature, each other  ex:bible- tree of life and tree of knowledge (separation between human and nature, and life and knowledge)  Theory of being- separating life and knowledge - present in modern science • Alienation and Separation: Subject - Object o whole worldview that has a very long history o scientific method - eliminating anything human to get the goal - no interest, values or opinions or you are making biased and it’s no longer scient
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