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Lecture 6

October 9th- Lecture 6.docx

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Social Science
SOSC 1140
John Simoulidis

SOSC 1140 Self, Culture and Society Lecture 6 October 23rd, 2013  “ Ideology opposition to free trade in Canada is really today part of a very small part of the political spectrum, a very small and extreme part” Can anyone guess who said this? ▯ Stephen Harper Lecture Outline: • Heilbroner Chapter 1: The room of ‘economics’ ▯ The economic problem: Tradition; command; the market ▯ Film: the! Kung San: Traditional Life (26 Minutes) • Polanyi: ‘Rooms’ of economics anthropology, economic historian, political economy among others – very interdisciplinary! ▯ Non-market principles of economic organization: Reciprocity: Redistribution; House-holding • Heilbroner Chapter 2: ‘The Drive for Capital’ ▯ What is Capital? ▯ Introducing Smith and Marx (next lecture) Introduction to Heilbroner: 21 Century Capitalism: - Capitalism is the name of the economic system that dominates the world today. It might not just be an economic system it could be a social system that dominates our political and economic systems. st ▯ Will Capitalism continue to dominate the world into the 21 Century? ▯ What would life be life if “capitalism was no longer the organizing principle of economic life?” (pp.5-6) • “Capitalism is the name of the economic system that dominates the world today’ (P.3) • With these two chapters ▯ what capitalism is not: How have different types of societies “solved” the economic problem? ▯ What capital/capitalism IS: how does it affect the inner and outer life of a society? The Economy and Economics: • What is Economics? What is ‘the economy’? ▯ Another definition, a dominant one is that: economics is the study of scarcity. (How are scarce
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