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Ideology: A Normative Blueprint for the "good" Society

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Social Science
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SOSC 1200
Terry Conlin

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SOSC 1200 September 16 , 2013 Topic 1: Ideology (a normative blueprint for the “good” society)  Daniel Bell (1960) – gained fame/infamy published “the end of ideology”, he argued that the days of ideology are over, and that we know the truth about political, economic and social theory  He argues that we can separate the good and the bad in terms of economic and social policy  He’s at the forefront of behaviorism -  Context of the book – cold war, Cuban missiles, arms race, the race in space between the soviet union and the US  1990 – fortune magazine “we are at the endpoint of mankind’s ideological…….”  Context – cold war is being resolved  1995 – provincial election in Ontario the progressive conservative party was returned to power after about 10 years of absence – “the common-sense revolution”  they argued that there were no secrets to government operations  today – ongoing debates over same-sex marriage, decriminalization of “soft drugs” (weed), global financial crisis that defies common sense, debates over prostitution and it’s legalization, “slut walks”, debates over government deficits  1987 – prof Gonnick “all ideas, once they become dominant appear to be the only rational and valid one”.  The dominant ideas in Canada have the label “liberal”  Sophistry - Plausible but fallacious argumentation ARISTOTLE’S WAY OF THINKING (typology): One Few Many Good Monarchy Aristocracy Polity Bad Tyranny Oligarchy Democracy This typology of how sovereignty (make laws and enforce them) is divided in physical space: Canada USA UK Legislative parliament congress parliament Upper House senate senate House of lords Lower House House of commons House of House of commons representatives Defining Ideology  An ideology is a fairly coherent and comprehensive set of ideas that explains and evaluates social conditions, helps people understand their place in society, and provides a program for social and political action  The purpose of an ideology – justifies the exercise of power, explains and passes judgments on historical events, an ideology differentiates political right from political wrong, it maps out the interconnections between politics and other spheres of human activities, serves as a guide for human action, serves as a legitimation of human action, tries to make sense of the world, provides it’s adherent with a lens or filter to view the information we encounter on a daily basis *This chart refers to the classical ideology (ie prior to the industrial revolution) Question # Conservatism Liberalism Socialism Guide to  Tradition  reason  reason Behaviour  Divinity  self-interest  public  morality good Nature of human Human beings are We are perfectable, We are behaviour flawed, and and equal in some perfectible, and unequal by birth sense. We are by are equal in a and our position in nature, acquisitive substant
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