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Summary of: The Corporation – Chapter Five By: Joel Bakan Mohammad Bilal Siddiqui Introduction to Business & Society TA: Preity Kumar Professor: Kean Birch March 1 2013 In this chapter, Bakan directs the reader’s attention towards today’s time period, talking about how all its economic activity has come to be carried on under the corporate form, and that through “privatization of institutions, outsourcing activities” and other minor activities, are all shaped gradually towards corporate exploitation (Bakan, 2004). He begins the chapter with the talks about the 9/11 attacks, and the aftermath of the event resulted in stockbrokers being worried about their personal wellbeing’s and financial situations. He further goes on to mention education and it being singled out as a huge business opportunity for corporations. Children were being used as business strategies for businesses and targeting children who would look past commercials and advertis
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