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Lecture 13

January 4 – Lecture 13 All of the notes for this lecture

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Social Science
SOSC 1340
Keith Lehrer

January 4Lecture 13Who to watch out for in the film Noam Chomskylibertarian Milton FriedmanRobert Monksguru on corporate goverenceRay Anderson Sir Mark Moody Stuarthidden star CEO of enterphaseMichael Moore Howards ZinnNaomi Klein Exportprocessing zones opposing views compare Kernagan and Walker See the website for transcripts quote them for your essaysQuestions for the filmHow did the corporation become so powerfulWhats the difference between the earlier form of the corporation charter of grant theory and the modern corporationWhat are the various ways in which the corporation has been definedWhat legal changes were required to give the modern corporation its current shape Which change do you think is most significantWhat is an externality and how is this related to the profitability of corporations Lecture Outline The Corporation Bakan is providing a brief history of the corporation focusing on key developments in the US UKDistinguishes earlier grant theory of the corporation from modern inherence theory thKey legal developments occur in the mid to late 19 Cearlier restrictions liftedthCorporate Social Responsibility and 20 C capitalismMaking the invisible world of corporations visible corporate power in a neoliberal world a collection of individuals who act together to fulfill certain objectives the chief objective being to make profits
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