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Lecture 15

January 18 - Lecture 15 Includes all the notes from lecture 15, taken on January 18, 2011

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Social Science
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SOSC 1340
Keith Lehrer

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January 18Lecture 15John Steinbeck 19021968th20 Century American novelist Nobel prize for literature in 1962Most famous book grapes of wrath won the Pulitzer prize though it was banned by some school boards Critical Analysis Literal reading a story about tenant farmers the Joad Family being kicked off the land during some hard times in OklahomaHow is the story told What is a sharecropperTragedy not simply as unhappiness but as the ruthless working out of a chain of eventsSymbolism the corporation as monstera parable of enclosures kicking farmers off the land to add them to the reserve army of labour the rest of the tragedy unfolds in California Profit Maximization What is the bank doing and whyBank is evicting tenant farmers from the land because it hasfound a more profitable way to use to one man on a tractor cantake the place of 12 or 14 familiesPay him a wage and take all the crop p 34Tractor technology the cause of dispossessionWhy cant the bank wait until the drought is over Theyre breathe profits they eat the interest on money p 33An artificial legal personPg 35Pg 40 Externalities Part of the inner nature of the corporation is to reduce private costs it is driven by a profitmaximization logic regardless of the social costThe farmers need to be liquidated so that the market can operate efficiently unemployment an externality of the marketThe could feed 100 people but theyre kicked off the land and now it feeds 1 family the tractor driver at 3perA modern enclosure subsistence to grazingWho is responsible Can the monster be stopped I want to kill the man who is starving me who to shoot
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