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Lecture 16

January 25 - Lecture 16 Includes all the notes from lecture 16, taken on January 25, 2011

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1340
Keith Lehrer

January 25Lecture 16Creative Reading Social Issues questions if you pick this oneCan market based solutions stop climate change or is regulation of the kind Monbiot suggests necessaryIs technology a threat or the solution to climate changeAyn Rand 19051982Russian born American writer famous for her strong views on laissezfaire capitalism and individualism A New Left Dystopia What if the New Left gets what it wantsA current trend proclaims that technology is mans enemy and should be restricted or abolished p 127Uses a fictious picture of life experienced through the lens of a family with restricted technology or without technology at all as a device to warn us against the new leftWhat effect does Rand intend the story to have on the readerA New Left Dystopia Ecology and ecologists are behind this attack on technologyproposes to examine both their arguments and motivesThese arguments drawn from a single article in Newsweek 1970the Ravaged EnvironmentFor example ecologists claim that oil exploration threatens the Eskimos unit communitiespotential oil spills a threat to food supplyRand the actual consequences are different without any effort on their part the Eskimos are to receive fortunes in oil royalties which will enable Technology in her view will bring the light of civilization to the darkness of Inuit life Ecologists development threatens green spaceRand theres plenty of green space left human industry turns deserts into fertile land human industry and labour preserves grains the fruit trees and flowers that would have vanished long ago p 134Extinctionthreatened species Nature not man is responsible for this Ecologists pollution is creating a greenhouse effect climate changeaccording that a 45 degree increase in global average temperatures would have devastating consequences for the planet
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