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Social Science
SOSC 1341
Stephan Dobson

P 299- 305 308 -309 Chapter 14preparing for and writing the test and exams " Write an entry ticket Cuba - a Spanish colony which produced staples ( sugar andTobacco ) Was referred to as the banana republic as if produced bananas It was always called the whorehouse of the Caribbean as it provided prostitutes Cuba is a command economy - basically the government speaks and say what needs to be produced . Marxist socialism ( command eco and national liberation movement ) anti imperialism . Soviet bloc supplied Cuba with petrochemical inputs for agriculture ;tractors ;weapons -- in exchange for crops like sugar Cuba adopted the Soviet Union Soviet Union vs soviet bloc (1989) Crisis Theo ringing of the crisis are both political ( collapse of the soviet ) and economic Late 1980- early 1990 :economic crisis in soviet blocs The agriculture.Systems became hard .There was no one to buy its plantation products ,no fuel ,fertilizer,pesticides Embargo - looking at cuba from the perspective of the US . The state declared a "special period" ( war measures ) Decided that population could not fall below a certain standard of living - switched rapidly to agree logical methods ---use of ecological concepts and principles for sustainable agriculture The states owned all the land up until the special period .And so the state started distributing the land .The state owns then land but the people can use it . This is calle
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