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Gender Immigration continued

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

Gender Immigration 1. Immigration Case Study: The Gradual Decline of Citizenship Rights and Labour Conditions of Domestic Workers in Canada - Come to Canada for some work and then go back home. - There have been significant variations of the status and domestic workers based on race and ethnicity; - Regulations have increased and the pay has decreased. a. British domestic workers as “daughters of the Empire” and “mothers of the race” (late 1800s and early 1900s) - Domestic workers tended to be white Canadian women - Rural communities; work done by single women, and were treated reasonable well - Filling domestic work and labor gaps - Daughters of the empires and mothers of the race - Who were the women? Generally working class women who had no other options in Britain. Or polished gentle women - Fairly poorly paid and subject to a great deal of work; quite privileged compared to the ones came later. - Gov’t paid for the women to come to Canada and set them up with the family; easy to move into other lines of work; citizenship was easy to secure, but the demand for domestic workers exceeded the supply. b. continental European domestic workers (early 1890s to WW II) - scanadvains: almost as good as British. - Eased their travel over. - Finland supplied large number of domestic workers. - Their white privilege allowed them to access things. - Central and eastern European workers: had to pay their own fair over to Canada. - Some Italians came but the gov’t tried to discourage them; only because they were seen as not white enough. c. black domestic workers (mostly from the Caribbean, late 1950s to present) - there was a shortage! - White Domestic workers could not be found - Bring highly educated Carrabin women to work in
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